How Online Mock Tests can help you to score better in JEE Main-2020!

Many of us aware with “FEAR of THE EXAM”. If you are appearing in JEE Main-2020 exam, which is the most important exam of your life. You seat in the exam hall. You start feeling nervous. You get the question paper and you feel more nervous. You read the questions and if unfortunately you find questions less familiar to you, you start feeling restless and less confident. No matter how good you have studied before, pressure of exam is strong that your anxiety takes over and your confidence falls exponentially. Test anxiety interferes with both memory and performance. The result is you start making silly mistakes during exam, even in simple questions.

This is the story of many people. You prepared so hard for 2-3 years but that ‘3 hr’ performance in exam decides your Result. 

Online Mock Tests Series is the best solution for your better scoring in exam. Mock tests are considered as practice exams before you appear for the final one. While you attempting these tests, they help boost your confidence and overcome mistakes. Here you are not only made more comfortable with the real exam pattern but it also helps to face any challenge of attempting of exam.

Let’s see important benefits of JEE Mains Online Mock Test Series.

1. Helps you build the right test taking strategy

JEE mains mock tests are most important tool to devise and practice your strategy to face the exam. Many of those who have prepared well, fails to do good in exam. Because along with your knowledge, it’s crucial to fix strategy how are going to attempt questions, when to give more time to questions and when not. You need to practice, which type of questions to attempt which to leave for later. Overall, you must practice your way taking tests so that on the day of the exam you will be very clear with the approach to attempt test.

2. Revision in smart way

In the last few months before Exam, you need to revise all your syllabus and important concepts. Revising though reading from bigger reference books can consume more time. Good mock tests having quality questions covering well breadth and depth of syllabus can help you revise more number of topics in a short time. Topic wise practice tests can give more precise revise for every topic.

3. Helps you learn new techniques to solve problems

The first thing required for solving tricky questions is to have clear concepts understanding. But, sometimes few topic specific tricks and advance methods are always useful to solve problems in a shorter time. Good Mock tests provides solutions with tricks and different methods to solve a particular question. You can always check your ability to apply such techniques to solve problems in exam and to save time through mock tests.

4. Improve your Time Management skills

This is the most important thing to perform better in any exam. Unless you are able to attempt all or required number questions in given time, you may fail to score enough to qualify. Sometimes, you can even loose questions un-attempted whose answers you know in trying to those you don’t. So you need to be very careful how to spend time on single questions or how to divide time on different section of paper. You cannot do this directly in the final exam. You must need to master this before final exam. Mock tests provides you such practice for adopting best time management strategy for you.

5. Increasing Speed & Accuracy

In mock tests you practice lots of variety of questions in exam like pattern and in restricted time frame. This helps you a lot to increase your speed in attempting questions as well as consistent practice can even increase your accuracy in attempted questions. Both speed and accuracy are important to score more. Greater accuracy always ensure more score even if attempt less questions. Online mock tests can record your time spent on every question or section. This helps you to analyze question’s difficulty wise or topic wise spending habits.

6. Post-test insights helps to analyze your strong & weak areas  

Real importance of mock tests is better assessment. Online Mock Tests provides you instant and detailed report of your attempted test. Such report includes several important insights which can be derived from recording and calculating variety of parameters while you are attempting tests. You can analyze your strengths and weaknesses in different topics and subjects. Comprehensive analysis of your performance in test can guide to know where you need to improve and which topics need more polishing.

7. Helps Track Your Preparation Progress 

Attempting several mock tests, online test series platform can track your performance in every test and get some important statistics of your cumulative progress. It’s important to know how you are progressing in your preparation for exam. Using cumulative tests progress report, you can monitor where you are lagging in study, where you need more attention so that you can corrective measures.

8. Learn to Overcome Exam Pressure before the Exam

As many as mock tests you attempt, lesser and lesser you exam fear gets. Attempting enough mock tests with right approach makes you so familiar with the process of attempting exam, so that you will feel more confident and ready while appearing real exam. Your practice to face such exam would have made you feel no pressure of the exam. You will be very clear with your strategy to attempt questions, so chances of making silly mistakes will be very less. Remember, being relaxed and confident is the key to conquer any exam.

Mock tests should be treated as actual tests. If you are serious while sitting for the mock test, they will perform well in the actual exam as well. Each mock test which you attempt gives you an opportunity to learn and improve your performance. It’s not enough to learn everything, it’s just as important to practice it at the right time. Mock tests make that practice possible. They complete the cycle of learning and give students a taste of the exam.

mStitute provides the Online Mock Tests Series for JEE Main 2020, which is prepared and designed by experts to have practice for a variety of curated questions based on exact pattern to meet JEE Main 2020 exam standards.

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