How Technology is playing Key Role in Education!

New discoveries and innovations always have been crucial in upgrading the way of life of human civilization. Can you imagine life without electricity? No way! Since the invention if electricity, we reached to current era where we are altogether surrounded by cutting edge technological miracles. How do we reach up to this? Yes, through constant learning and improvising!

Learning and education in all stages of life is vital in everyone’s life. Medium to learn has evolved significantly by ages. Innovations like Printing press, Typewriter helped to get massive source of information – Books. Telephone, Radio, TV, Computers gave audio-visual experience to information and now innovations like, Mobile , internet are the miracles for having information at finger tips in the form we ever imagined. They are impacting the core learning ways and methodology. No doubt, at present, the learning and education is being driven by technology.

Now most of the population of our country has got smart mobiles with high speed internet. Technology and internet based learning platforms are becoming much helpful in bridging this learning and education gaps. These tech platforms are not only providing the ample of quality learning content and resources but also effectively helping in improving student’s learning index.

Adaptive algorithms can serve the content and information as per student’s needs and make dynamic changes as per his responses, leading to serve more relevant learning path for every different student. Online platform can drive the learning with student’s pace and student can move ahead when he is satisfied with the previous efforts.

Smart learning algorithms can identify student’s learning abilities/disabilities, his strengths and weaknesses and can guide him to reach his learning goals with proper steering. Assessment of student’s learning is a complex thing. As it involves various measurable criteria and parameters, its difficult to be done manually by a single teacher for many students in classroom. Technology has proven to do this job more effectively than conventional way. Detailed and accurate assessments can be done for student’s performance using tech app.  

In the nutshell, technology based online learning platforms are providing a personalized learning environment for every individual student. It can guide through student’s study, help to improve his performance and abilities. Today this utility is majorly utilized to generate personalized insights, it is soon going to get equipped with efficient personalized mentoring with the futuristic technologies like AI/AR. (Artificial Intelligence / Augmented Reality) Keep watching the space for more info.

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