How to utilize Quarantine for your competitive exam preparation

This quarantine time, make it count!

Now it’s been almost more than a month we all are locked in our home. The situation has really affected our minds on its own. But at this time lockdown has made all students really very confused. From unit test to final semester, to next level entrance test to competitive exams, to pre-engineering exams all are postponed. All student’s time table is all most disturbed due to this phase. With the COVID-19 outbreak, most of us don’t have an idea when will this over when will be the exam start, when will the admission process start? And at this time students are in the biggest tension as their academic year would also suffer.

But don’t worry during this unprecedented time. When people around the globe are finding themselves homebound for weeks at a time, you can take things differently.

You may be home by yourself, or quarantined along with your family—either way, study preparations for an exam like the MHT-CET 2020 & JEE Mains 2020 will need an adjustment to allow you to be fully focused. Before the pandemic, it was easy to escape to study at a coffee shop or library (or at least somewhere silent), but we’re now readjusting to a new normal in which home studying is the only option. Now let’s see how this quarantine time can be useful for all students.

Firstly, all students should stay away from COVID-19 rumors and keep their minds at peace. If your mind is healthy and peaceful you can crack any exam easily.

Let’s now see quick tips on how to utilize quarantine for your competitive exam preparation-

1. Clean your study space

Start it with cleaning your study area. Organize your study table with important books for MHT-CET 2020 & JEE Mains 2020 and most needed stuff. Remove unrelated and unused things. Put some plants near your study space it will always make you feel fresh. And don’t forget to make a small space for a sanitizer as it’s most important during the time of Corona Virus.

2. Take help from family

It’s a lockdown time and everyone would be at home. So set your daily study time and ask your family members not to disturb you at that time. This will give you quiet time to focus and hopefully ensure that you are not disturbed.

3. Say no to distraction

Something disturbing you while studying, place that thing away from you. Maybe it’s some noise, social media or TV. In this time social media apps would be the most distracting thing, so just set it off while studying and use only learning apps.

4. Stay Focused

Focus is the main key while preparing for any exam. When you choose your study time for Competitive Exams, any pre-engineering or pre-medical exam, make sure to be totally focused at that time. If you’re finding it difficult to focus, take a short break to stretch, breathe, or enjoy some refreshments and start back again.

5. Set your goals

When you are all set with your study plan don’t forget to set your study goal. Make a goal list this quarantine time you want to achieve for MH-CET 2020 and JEE Mains 2020 preparation. This goal sheet will always boost your energy towards your studies.

6. Appreciate and reward yourself

Studding at this quarantine time or corona time is a bit difficult. But continue to study in small bits and if you managed to do so, when you completed your study goal appreciate and reward yourself. It could be done by watching one hour extra your favorite series or spending extra time in cooking. Do whatever makes you happy.

7. Make reading your new quarantine habit

Maybe it’s your study book, storybook or any other reference book read it. Give your 30 min of day in reading it will relish your mind and gather you a bag of information.

When now you are lockdown in your home, then you still manage to get connect with your friends and family so why not get connected with your studies online. Make use of the Corona time to digital studies. Many classes and institutes have come across for you all using a virtual platform by conducting digital classes for your Competitive Exams and Pre Engineering Exam. Start attending the classes, webinars and boost you’re JEE Mains 2020 & MHT-CET 2020 preparation.

You can too use the online study material available over the web. Use online sample papers/ mock tests to prepare for MH-CET 2020 & JEE 2020. There are a number of sample papers available online to prepare for different exams and make sure that you follow your time table.

This COVID-19 time is the best time for all aspirants preparing for any competitive exams and pre-engineering exams as there not many distractions and plenty to time is available in their hands to focus on studies. So now its quarantine time is a good time to prepare a practice mock test and analyze yourself.

For parents

This time the most important time when a parent’s support is what one needs most. Right now students are tensed about their future and academic year 2020. As there is no certainty and the fresh dates for the entrance exams are not out. Parents should take care there is no more study pressure nor child waste their time. Teach new things such as cooking, cleaning either than studies too. Make a family fitness time, this will help the student in refreshing their time and boosting their immunity which is most important at corona time. Have a family discussion with children on their future plans, personal life, and hobbies. With these bonding parents can always help their children in the preparation of MHT- CET 2020 & JEE 2020 and help them stay focused on their exam.

At last, make full utilization of the quarantine time to avoid anxiety and stress. Stay relax, stay focus, and prepare for your MHT-CT 2020 & JEE 2020 entrance exam. Utilize the time and give your best!

Maybe it’s a bad corona time, but it’s not that bad time to lose yourself. It’s time to stay study and be happy together!

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