New Teaching Strategies for the Modern Education Transformation

online teaching strategies

The Education industry is growing and changing day by day. The edtech (education + technology) industry is estimated to grow 3.7x in the next five years, from $2.8 Bn (2020) to $10.4 Bn (2025) and edtech services and courses are expected to have an addressable base of 37 Mn-plus paid users by 2025.

If you are a teacher or run coaching, your students will be part of this. And to still stand in the race, now it has become necessary for coaching classes, tutors, and institutes to cope with the ongoing education trend. Plus, there is a chance to win the additional share of revenue if you could create and grow own online edtech platform for nationwide students.

With an unpredictable time, everything has gone online today, education is no more limited in the classroom. With the rise of the corona, the whole world has also adapted the modern education transformation today. But it’s not easy to adapt and run it smoothly like the traditional education system. We need a blended approach to transform and grow. Here in this article, you will read about some important Online Teaching Strategies which will help you in modern education transformation.

1. Planning and plotting your online teaching strategies

If you’re ready for taking some huge change for your education business, at this point then you’ll need to start with building up a methodology and giving your  idea an action to its execution. In case you’re up-to adopt modern education technology, you should be sure that you build up a procedure of how to push forward with it to increase the effective usage and execution of the technique. Making a fruitful strategy and conveying all the key points to the stakeholder will help in the successful change of the education system.

Setting up a methodology and chipping away at its execution will eventually help you in understanding a productive result. Technologies hold immense potential within the education sector; all that’s left is to leverage it properly.

2. Training and investing in skills

Numerous technologies are often embraced to enhance the standard of education. But what’s use of it, if the concerned people delivering the lessons are not fully aware of what they have in their hands, what it is and how to use it. That is the reason why teachers must be trained to use modern online learning platforms to let them efficiently conduct interactive lessons on online interactive learning platforms.

Not just teachers, eventually the students will need to be taught about modern and advanced online teaching platform. Exposing students to technology will help them learn and adapt to modern-day tools. Moreover, this millennial generation already have adopted these technology tools.

Educators need skill themselves not only for live conferencing but for the use of technology tools for learning evaluation and personalization.

3. Learn how to create, design, and scale online courses

Online teaching and using Online teaching platforms for teachers in starting will be like one new unique experience, might feel strange at first if you are used to working in a face-to-face classroom. But, with some Online teaching tips and tricks, you will drive it out.

You are still an expert teacher

While some things about teaching online are going to be different than teaching in-person, you’re still the expert in your subject, the manager of your class, and therefore the mentor for your students just like you was before. You can be certain realizing you have the crucial abilities and experience to take care of your responsibility, even in new environment.

Focus on learning outcomes

Whenever you are taking your classroom courses and teaching online or creating fresh online content, you must understand here you are delivering learning to audience who is not physical in front of you. Your content must be self-explanatory and most importantly designed to engage learners. You are already an expert of your subject, so design your lesson or course focusing on ultimate learning outcome and include the content which step by step builds the student’s journey to reach it. You can use the blend of any of these – live classes, videos, tests/quizzes, doubt sessions, animated references/simulation, adaptive practice sessions or assignments. Only videos or only live classes may not be best way to teach, instead a best teacher always ensures the student’s real involvement in learning and keep checks on his/her progress with proper feedback.

Keep it basic but progressive

Your objective, first and foremost, is to progress as fast as could be expected under the circumstances so learning can proceed. As it is constantly said there is consistently be room and space, time for improving and refining, for the present, simply get moving. Also, keep in mind there is a lot of technology out there for us to choose from, but that does not mean we have to try everything all at once. Tally everything and choose the best online interactive learning platforms and coaching class’s management software for best results.

5. Choosing an appropriate online learning management platform

Transforming traditional class coaching into an online class is a difficult task. The focus is on providing best learning experience and educating students. A modern LMS which is focused on student’s learning and assessment through technology can make miracles for you.

The average student-to-teacher ratio in most institutions is 70:1. so, in traditional manual, classroom teaching it is almost impossible to pay attention to individual students. Through traditional assessments, students might not understand their learning pattern; their actual strengths and weaknesses are unknown.

We must not forget one day all these manual tasks can hinder the growth and effort of coaching classes. But thanks to technology, everything is changing. Thanks to automation, you will now replace all this manual work. Automation has greatly reduced the overall workload. In short by reducing the time spent entering, validating, and revising data, you will now spend longer developing and growing coaching classes.Explore mStitute’s ‘The Leaning Management – OS’.

5. Take your teaching to more and more students

Once you have started creating and delivering online or blended learning to your students, you can also take your teaching and courses to vast number of students out there across India who are searching for best online learning courses. Most of the bigger coaching brands and edtech brands are already pitching their product and in next 3-4 years its your high chance to join the league and add more revenue to your institutions. You may be required to get comfortable with the potential use social media platform, digital platforms for marketing and promotions.

In short –

  1. Plan Your Classes/Curriculum
  2. Adopt and Master Technology
  3. Create Interactive and Learning Outcome Focused Courses
  4. Set up Blended (Offline + Online) Approach
  5. Innovate and Automate
  6. Communicate Regularly
  7. Motivate & Engage Your Students
  8. Market and Promote Your Courses

Overall, online education is a wonderful opportunity. The potential flexibility is an undeniable benefit. It is a growing marketplace for educators – and thus an exciting growth and expansion opportunity. You could have the potential to succeed in students you would never, could never, meet during a physical classroom. Online teaching is not something to skip or avoid, you must adopt it and it also really isn’t as daring it seems. Relax and seat, plot your strategies, do your research, plan your methods, and take the leap. So, with your quest to grow, you can start your journey towards modern education transformation.

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