Study from home during COVID-19 Outbreak – Online Mock Test Series (JEE Mains 2020 & MHTCET 2020) with chapter-wise Analysis.

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Today, the world is experiencing something which it has never experienced before. Everyone is locked into their homes. And with this, the world is moving to a significant change in all of its operating systems. The education sector too is undergoing tremendous change. Therefore it is necessary to find new ways to study and work from home to adopt this new normal situation.

Online mock tests, practice tests, and test series are some of the easiest, convenient, and pocket-friendly ways to study and continue preparation for entrance exams like MHT-CET & JEE Mains. In this scenario studying from home may be a tough task, as there would be many things present at home asking for your attention. For such a scenario we are here for you with some basic key tips on, how to study from home during COVID-19 Outbreak.

  • Organize your study timetable

Start with creating a study schedule as per your convenience. Set the time for your MHT CET practice test 2020 or online practice test for JEE mains 2020. Use different methods to remind yourself of this time, like alarms, reminders, or easily convey a message to your parents to remind you at a specific time. Do anything as your preference.

Set time for daily online lectures, self-study, and self-review. Also, if you are a student preparing for MHT-CET 2020 & JEE Main 2020, then try to include more & more time for MHT CET 2020 mock test and online test for JEE main 2020. This will not only help you in practicing but will also let you review and assess your study level and will prepare you for detailed, analyzed preparation.

  • Start using online calendars, sticky notes as a reminder.

Studying from home isn’t that tough a task as it seems. It just needs a proper and planned study structure. So start focusing on it. Start setting reminders on your PC’s, laptops and phones calendar for the best test series for JEE mains 2020 & MHT CET 2020 mock test. Try to attend each MHT CET practice test 2020 & online test for JEE main 2020. You can also go for visual creativity. Have a sticky note as a reminder. Place it at a place where you can easily watch and monitor time for it.

  • Start using time digital apps.

As we are living in a Digital India and COVID-19 has made all of us digitally active at this time, start taking advantage of this digital time by using different digital productivity apps for your study and learning process. These apps are there in the market for students to make their study process easier and hassle-free. There are many apps which have a variety of features that may help you in tracking study progress, organizing tasks, setting reminders and so on.

  • Say no to distractions!

As you are studying from home then it’s obvious there are many things that are sitting at home to grab your attention and distract you from studying. It’s up to you if you want to work or study hard and efficiently for your upcoming MHT CET practice test 2020 or online practice test for JEE mains 2020. Start keeping digital devices away from you if it’s the main reason for your distraction. Start limiting the time you spend on social media, because scrolling Instagram and Facebook will not give you the result you want in your MHT CET 2020 mock test. If in any scenario parents, cousins, and maybe other people are the reason for small distractions, then ask them politely not to disturb you for a specific time.

  • Don’t try to copy & find what works for you!

Every person or student is different, so don’t try to copy the schedule of other students or your friends. Try to focus on what works for you. Maybe you are the one who likes studying by taking breaks or maybe not. So find out which methods suit you.  Make & expand your schedule slowly and gradually. If you allocate 2 hours daily for studying for MHT CET practice test 2020 and online test for JEE main 2020, then practice this habit for almost 2 weeks. After that, gradually starts expanding it from 2 hours to 3 hours, however works for you.

  • Create a study area……

Even though you might be rivaling with others in your family, attempt to check out a workspace. Regardless of whether this is transitory each time you use it, place some physical items around you to tweak it. Make it agreeable. Set limits with others. If your study space is now the kitchen table, try to get an agreement that it is yours alone for a set period of time. Keep this area clean, for a clean space reflects and affects a clean and sorted mind.

  • Relax yourself

Continuous attending of online classes, MHT CET 2020 mock test, and online practice test for JEE mains 2020 can trick you into staying in front of the computer for hours. Therefore never forget to relax your mind and body. Take a break, take yourself away from the screen, involve yourself in any physical activities and games that relax you and make you feel fresh. Simply play your favorite songs, match the rhythms, dance, meditate, or play your favorite sport. It will freshen up your mind and make your mind ready for your next of online classes.

  • Stay connected

Always stay in touch with all your friends. Find breaks, connect with them, discuss things, if anything is bothering share it with someone, and find a conclusion. Call or make groups with people you are missing the most. Share your tricks for MHT CET 2020 mock test and online practice test for JEE mains 2020 and discuss it with them. It will be a great friendly practice.


Studying from home and preparing yourself for MHT CET practice test 2020 and online test for JEE main 2020 is not that boring! You just need to make it interesting. Find your tips and tricks, work according to your study flow. If you love to study in the early morning, wake up! If you are a night owl, do that. Do anything that makes you study and happy at the end of the day.

Take breaks, stay connected to each other, and ask for help if needed. If you are a moody person, satiate it with whatever it requires, maybe it would be cooking, playing, singing or dancing. Do It! 

Search and start learning new things this quarantine and in the end, make yourself more productive!

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