Things to Avoid in JEE Mains 2020 Preparation – Check Out the 7th Rule

Things to avoid in JEE 2020 preparation

Nervous? Feeling Tensed, Anxious? JEE preparation feeling the most drastic thing in this world! Why is this exam even happening? Why this exam have the right to decide my whole future? Why my favorite college seems like a dream now? Am I able to crack JEE main? What if I don’t? Will I lose everything? Are you the one who is feeling the same and the same questions are going through your mind JEE preparation or while solving JEE Mains mock test! Don’t worry student’s it’s obvious! Even I was one of you, my mind was too full of this question. But at the same time, I overcome this fear to crack JEE main. Want to know how? Ok then let’s see, we all know the exam is near and what we have to and what to not do. But in my Case having I was having my special 7 JEE preparation rule. Let’s see what were they??

Rule No.1- Never Ever neglect the basics
Have you ever thought, how is your own house you are living is that strong? Or your bicycle that strong to handle your weight? No Right? But think once! Got the answer! Yes, you are thinking it’s the base which is very strong which makes the actual thing very enough strong to have you! Now it’s similar in the case of your JEE preparation. Make your basics very clear of every single subject to crack JEE main. Find the logic behind every formula, every scientific law, this practice will not only make your basic clear but will help you in solving your JEE Mains mock test.

Rule No. 2- Never Ever neglect the Health
It’s a saying “What a great you could achieve if you couldn’t achieve your health.” Of course, it 100% correct If your health is great you can anything great. So never neglect your health. Students it’s an exam if you study great, and done hard JEE preparation then for sure you will crack JEE main. So prepare well, have a proper sleep, don’t overthink, don’t get tensed, eat healthily and then start your JEE Preparation.

Rule No.3- Don’t take unnecessary stress
Tell me, what will stress give? A good and well-sorted JEE mains tips or notes! Of course not right! Then why to have this free stress. Feel free to focus on your JEE preparation well. Don’t think how will be the JEE Mains mock test or how will you crack JEE Main. Just ignore this and stay focus and prepare in your way. Instead of taking stress practice daily JEE main mock test and Online test series for JEE mains 2020, compare your daily results, sort out your positive points and negative points on each subject and practice more instead of taking stress.

Rule No. 4- Losing confidence
It will happen much time that when you appear for any Free JEE mains mock test online or any JEE Mains online test series and when you will see your score and if you don’t achieve it what you were accepting, you will fee down. So don’t get stressed it’s just a JEE Mains mock test. You have the chance to practice online test series for JEE mains 2020 daily, you surely crack JEE mains. Just don’t lose your confidence. Moreover, there are many online test series for JEE mains 2020 daily and many JEE mains mock tests where you can daily test your JEE Main preparation and boost up your confidence.

Rule No. 5- Never Ever Forget to have a timetable
We must say regularity is a key player while you’re doing JEE preparation. Tell me how are you going to cover the whole syllabus? It needs planning right! So start preparing your JEE Timetable now. It will always help you in preparing your priority list for specific subjects, notes, and online test series for JEE mains 2020 and free mains mock tests online. Start making your personalized notes it will easily help you in quick revision because having your handy personalized notes will always be a time savior while JEE preparation.

Rule No. 6- Don’t ever focus too much on one subject
JEE mains is not about only chemistry, only physics or only math’s, it’s a combo exam for all. So balance the amount of time you invest in each subject. Don’t focus time on a single subject. Don’t prioritize any single subject, because cracking JEE mains means focusing on every single subject. Develop a practice solving JEE mains mock test online and online test series for JEE mains 2020 will make your idea clear about study for JEE preparation.

Rule No.7- Only self-study is enough
Not always one-way knowledge is great. Keep a good habit of collecting knowledge, maybe it’s YouTube, Google, or different reference book always try it. Self-study and exploring knowledge will always help in growing knowledge. You have to analyze the different patterns of paper by solving online test series for JEE mains 2020, JEE Main mock test and see which topics are important and which needs more practice. Start analyzing yourself. Take tips or important JEE preparation study material from experienced JEE aspirants.

So aspirants, what do you think are this point helpful for your JEE preparation. I am sure you all must already have some of this point in your bucket list, the rest of the other would help you for sure. So don’t worry you will surely make that goal fulfill for IIT. You are just a step away from your Dream College and career. So now it’s time to boost up. Tie your belt tight and start preparing now. Go on for different books, have a timetable don’t panic, don’t take stress, solve and practice JEE mains mock test, online JEE mains test series 2020, analyze yourself and have the best JEE preparation. Make your rule book too, follow the schedule, share and gathered the knowledge and you will achieve it soon.
So student do you best and crack the JEE Main

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