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Everyone must remember of exams being conducted in Colleges & Institutions in the traditional way i.e. pen-paper method. But it’s all old thing right now! Conducting offline exams take a lot of faculty’s productive time and efforts in the whole process, starting from question paper creation to generating results. Even the supervision or assessment
of teachers might be hampered if the amount of scholars increases. To acquire control on that and analyze students’ performance with ease, the entire process must be automated by evading most of the human intervention.
That’s where the ‘Online Examination system Software’ comes into the picture!

What is Online Exam Software?

Online Examination System Software is a simplified web-based platform, which allows you to conduct exams with ease. It gives you question paper preparation software with free download without any hassle, instructions can be well defined, user allocation becomes effortless, assigning tests, and generating results can be done ‘On-The-Go’. Ultimately, an online Examination system Software is which simplifies the whole exam conducting procedure within the modern days, across colleges and training, while allowing the school to simply monitor candidates’ performance. Using Best Online Exam Software will save your time with question paper preparation software with the free download, results can be sent automatically to your users, and online exams can be much more interactive as well, due to the ability to have media added into these tests. As well, if you need to edit/update exams at any time, this can be easily done without having to create an entirely new exam.

Now let’s see the Potential Users of Online Exam Software Free & Open Source software

Online examination system software with coaching class’s management software can be used by schools and colleges for the assessment of students. It plays an important role in their learning and skill development. Apart from universities, open-source, and free online exam software solutions are often used across different sectors, such as:

  • Helpful to HR of different Businesses for candidate evaluation & employee training
  • Organizations managing entrance exams, such as CAT, MAT, NEET, IIT JEE, CLAT, GATE, Civil services, government hiring, etc. use Best Online Exam Software, App for Coaching Institutes, and Coaching Institute Management Software
Let’s have the look at some of the Free Open Source & the Best Online Exam Software in the market

1. TCExam

TCExam is one of the open-source and best Online Exam Software Computer-Based Assessment systems. It enables the trainers and educators to schedule, author, deliver, and report on the online quizzes, tests, and examinations. It is one of the best Coaching Institute Management Software. It is a web-based system that is platform-independent, language-independent, and supports all W3C standards and guidelines.
Educators can set exams in different languages
Reduction in costs associated with student assessment life cycle.
• Cons
For a new one, the process of test creation can be a bit of time taking.

2. Kaldin

Kaldin is another popular open-source online examination system software. It creates, schedules, and evaluates exams efficiently by Question paper preparation software free download. It offers a relaxed and straightforward interface to the clients with a hassle-free test process.
• Pros
Simple installation process
Students can take break from an exam and re-attempt it again
• Cons
Sometimes, an exam won’t end even after closing the browser

3. Papershala

Papershala is the most trustworthy Best Online Exam Software that perfectly fulfills the needs of a coaching institute and Coaching Institute Management Software related to Question paper preparation software, results, and students analysis.
• Pros
The software is easy to use for beginners
Competent features available at a low price
• Cons
The platform cannot be used for group discussions or file sharing

4. TAO

TAO Testing is a project by Open Assessment Technologies and therefore the platform delivers maximum interoperability, flexibility, and security to the users. It came into existence in late 2002 and it is the only platform that is built on the open standards and is one of the best online examination system software
• Pros
Possible to customize as per your Coaching Institute Management Software
Full training support available
• Cons
The learning curve for first-time users is high.

5. Moodle

Moodle is the best Online Exam Software for Learning Management System. This online examination system is suitable for educators, administrators, and learners. This software can also be used to create customizable websites with online courses for educators and trainers to achieve learning goals with different App for Coaching Institutes & Coaching class’s management software.
• Pros
Easily customizable
Community support available
• Cons
Software is quite difficult for new and non- techy person

6. Edbase

Whether you’re a faculty teacher or a corporation HR, you’ll now create exams with enhanced graphics and multimedia. You can also use auto-grading and create visually rich reports with an online examination system software Edbase open source. It supports Question paper preparation software free download. You can also conduct surveys and quizzes with this software.
• Pros
Allows reusing previous question papers with quick changes.
Provides quick grading of scholars right after an exam.
• Cons
Lack of a community for educators where they can connect with their peers.

7. FlexiQuiz

FlexiQuiz is another powerful Best Online Exam Software online, which helps create tests, Question paper preparation software free download, and assessments with ease. This is a free online exam maker, which also allows you to analyses tests and the performance of students.
• Pros
Easy to grade many answer sheets in less time
User-friendly interface
• Cons
Option for candidates to register their feedback is not present

8. Eklavvya

This is a Best Online Exam Software for education, which helps improve the examination structure in schools and colleges considerably with Coaching Institute Management Software. Using this online exam builder, you can conduct all types of online assessment with Question paper preparation software.
• Pros
Exam modules available for educational institutes and corporate training
Supports conducting tests in different languages.
• Cons
UI is little less inspiring.

9. Think Exam

It’s a comprehensive Online examination system software, which helps automate the complete cycle of Question paper preparation software free download test creation, designing, assignment for students, and result generation. It provides a synchronized user interface, which ensures active accessibility for both, teachers and students.
• Pros
Easy to create and conduct the test in no time
Scalable due to its cloud-based functionalities
• Cons
There need to be more frequent updates in terms of features.

10. VirtualX

VirtualX is a Best Online Exam Software fully automated, free open source Software which can be used in colleges, companies, and e-learning organizations. It supports 12 different types of questions such as multiple-choice questions, fills in the blanks, yes or no, drag and drop, and so on.
• Pros
Access for users based on their roles
Presentation of questions in a secure manner
• Cons
Less user friendly.

How does an Exam Software System work?

Free and Best Online Exam Software can be instantly installed and used to conduct e-exams. They come with the modifiable source code and can work as per your requirements. The flexibility of customization and easy-to-operate facility makes them most preferred among the users. Though they come with additional functionality, the demand for the free ones is always on the rise in the market. Below is guidelines which will help you in best way:

  1. Install exam software and add a short description, including exam principles
  2. Add images, audios, and videos to make the exam look livelier
  3. Ensure that the explanation of the answers is displayed after completing the exam
  4. Schedule the start date and end date for the participants to access the exam
  5. Set the time limit for the exam attendees to attempt the entire examination
  6. Put the test online using the Internet set up a facility
  7. Share the exam link with the participants to allow them to attempt the exam
  8. View the progress of the participants after the exam completes
  9. Check out the statistics per user or get the overall view of the performance of the group.

The market for exam solutions is expanding and is expected to grow more in the future. Best Online Exam Software with advanced assessment technologies offer exceptional facilities to conduct any type of exam easily & effortlessly.

Online examinations enable candidates to take the exams from anywhere, anytime, & in any language. Remote internet access and advanced security measures have made official examination portals easily accessible to all examiners. It means anyone can attempt for e-exams anytime from anywhere. E-exams are becoming the premier choice of many universities, businesses, or organizations.

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