How to effectively conduct Online Teaching in Lockdown

COVID-19 has terribly affected the world international as well as the domestic education system. All the education institutes all over the world are almost closed. And in this lockdown, online teaching platforms has achieved the great rise in education systems over the world.

All education institutes are using different online education platform in this time. Teachers are also instructed to conduct their classes through different online teaching app.

In this blog, we all are going to discuss How to effectively conduct Online Teaching in Lockdown using Best Software for online teaching.

As In this time there are many questions going on in education sectors for effectively conducting Online Teaching. So let’s see what’sactually online teaching is and why there is need to conduct online classes?

  • What is online teaching and why there is a need to conduct online classes?

The vital spread of corona has locked all of us in our homes. Due to which now there are no physical classes, no physical exams going on. Online teaching is one of the best way in which all the knowledge, courses are delivered through different Online Teaching Platforms so that there are no physical or on-campus class sessions. In these time online teaching is like light helping all educations sectors to pass through a black tunnel.

Just due to different online teaching platform it is now possible to conduct and regulate classes even in this pandemic period.Taking the classes with Online Teaching App will help all teachers to complete the syllabus even in this lockdown. And by conducting Online Education classes for all students will maintain the study flow.

This practice will also help all education centers to take the exam on time when the lockdown and education center reopens. There are many online teaching platforms in the market that provides the best facilities to effectively conduct online classes. But one of the best and most used software is Online Assessment Software by mStiitute 

  • Online Assessment Software by mStiitute  is one of the Best online teaching platform

The e-learning and online course market are soaring to new heights in these corona times. With higher education shifting from lectures to virtual classrooms, you can also start Online Teaching from the best Online Teaching Platforms.

One of the Best Software for online teaching is Online Assessment Software by mStiitute. This is the online teaching app for all individual educators, coaching institutes and corporates.

  1. Individual Educator can turn their passion and expertise into edupreneur by creating their own courses and tests and by selling it. 
  1. Coaching institutes can create their own question papers, test series courses, assessments in this software and can manage all in one place.  
  2. Corporates can handle the toughest recruitment challenge with comfort. With this software, they can hire the right candidates through powerful assessments with customized online tests. 

This Online Teaching Platforms is the all in one solution for your online + classroom learning & assessment needs. This software also helps teachers and aspirants preparing for entrance exams in the best possible way. Let’s see how it helps? 

  • How online teaching app helps for MHT-CET2020 and JEE Main 2020?

Online Assessment Software by mStiitute is the best software for institutes who are preparing aspirants for MHT-CET 2020 and JEE 2020. This software provides everything you need to empower and grow your Online Education Institute. 

  1. Question Bank 

One Create unique MHTCET Mock Test and Online practice test for JEE mains 2020 or upload own questions with simple drag & drop process. 

  • Test and assortment

One can create a high-quality custom test for MHT-CET 2020 in 5 minutes. 

  • Online courses

With this software, you can create your institute’s online test courses for JEE Main 2020 and MHT-CET 2020. And can also publish and schedule a live test. 

  • Reports & Analytics

Track students’ performance in real-time for MHTCET Mock Test and Online practice test for JEE mains 2020. Identify their weakness and help them to improve.

Now when you finally know the best software for conducting the online classes here are some benefits of online teaching platform and some amazing tips and tricks which will surely help in future for conducting Online Education classes.

Benefits of online teaching platform

1. Easily accessible

 Online Teaching Platforms requires only an internet connection with good speed and a computer or mobile. With this, any teacher or student can easily access the online education class easily. 

  • Opportunity for teachers to diversify

This situation is an opportunity for students (to consume) and for teachers (to diversify). The most relieving advantage the online mode offers is its super flexibility on timing and delivery. The teacher just needs to create online education content using software and need to conduct the session.

  • Communication with the student.

This corona outbreak has broken the communication string between teachers and students because there is no physical meeting with each other. But with online Teaching Platforms, both can connect with each other, teachers can share their knowledge with students and students would also have a discussion on it with them. 

  • Available 24×7 

The teachers and the students can interact with each other at any time without the limitations of day or night, for study materials, clearing doubts, or taking tests; provided the time is convenient to all participants. Get an opportunity to maintain a warm relationship while communicating without fear.

  • More Individual attention 

The teachers can also be at ease as they have enough options to interact with each student online, instruct, and address specific issues even directly after the class. They too won’t have the usual pressures of managing school hours, checking the notes, commuting, etc hence will be in a better position to take care of student needs online than in physical classrooms.

  • Social distancing can be exercised

Amidst the regulations of social distancing and self-isolation, Online education classes can provide the quality of education in the comfort of their homes thereby helping in securing their future and also in controlling the virus spread.

 Tips and Tricks for conducting online education classes

  1. Collect email addresses and contact numbers of all the students and create a group of students and conduct online classes through it.
  2. Never forget to check all the necessary equipment and services, like your internet, laptop, camera, etc. before starting your session.
  3. Always be ready with the assignments, question papers that you want to share after your online class, like a list of questions related to the topic.
  4. Give your students all the instructions required so that your online class runs smoothly and is fruitful.
  5. It is better to keep your class short or as a series of short sessions; this depends on various parameters, like the topic, the participation of students, and the teaching plan.
  6. Don’t postpone or cancel a class without any strong reason.

Winding up, these corona time will not last forever, if we as individuals take all responsibility and safety measures it will come to an end. But while taking online education classes you may always guide students in each class, you may request students to wash their hands properly at regular intervals.

And you may share a template or poster regarding precautionary steps for COVID-19 published by WHO or the government in your tutorial and Share some positive quotes during your online education class. 

So Take care, stay safe, stay connected with mStitute for online education platform and run your education business smoothly with one of the best software’s for online teaching

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