How to start an online education coaching in India?

how to start online coaching classes in India

Want to be an online tutor or want to start online education coaching in India? But confused about how to get started or afraid to deal with technology? Don’t worry we are here for you with a step-by-step guide to start your online education coaching in India. Hope you find it useful.

So let’s start an online teaching platform journey from a zero!

Shake your hands with a future trump card- online education coaching.

There was a time when coaching and private tutoring was one to one kind of business. Teachers and some graduates used to educate some other students or single children may be in their neighborhood and use to receive a modest amount, per hour. They used to teach subjects like English, math, chemistry, physics, and science. Till sometime this education chain remained the same from different students to different teachers.

But now with a digital India, things are more different. Online education coaching is revolutionizing the education industry. The new education system is out there for all teachers and students.

Now the teacher doesn’t need an offline platform to drive his knowledge and skills to students. Currently, the whole online world is a stage for his knowledge and skills. With this platform, distance is no excuse anymore. A student from Nagpur can receive knowledge bag from Mumbai’s top tutor without visiting Mumbai.

Today just school going boy is not looking for an online tutor, but graduates, postgraduates, and professionals are also looking for online education coaching to upgrade and improve their existing skills.

And with this online education chain, today normally all online tutors and coaching institutes are earning moderate different amount depending on their academic qualifications, experience, and technical expertise.

The growing number of online tutoring platforms and technologies has substantially bolstered the web tutoring market by making it easier for tutors to succeed in students. Let us look at some of the web applications used by online tutors and training organizations to start and run online education coaching

Online education tools not be missed to start online education coaching.

 Finding the right tutor at the right place is the biggest question today. But thanks to online education where regardless of the tutor’s and students’ different location one can easily find each other. Online education throws open an immense business opportunity for all online tutors and online educations coaching’s.

Since its online education, it also comes with some of its problems like lack of face to face interaction, tutor’s attention and so on. But thankfully online education also comes with its own solution. For online education there several online tools in the market that takes the learning experience to the next level.

Tools to start & manage online coaching education

1. Virtual Online Whiteboards

As we all know the importance of boards in our education life. Virtual boards work similarly to physical boards. One can draw and write that he/she needs to explain on the board and it is visible to students. Combining virtual boards with other collaboration tools gives students new learning experience. There are various virtual whiteboards present in the market like IDroo, Sketchlot, Pixiclip, and so on.

2. Collaboration tool

There is various collaboration tool available in the market like skype, Microsoft teams, zoom etc. which makes video, voice calling and chatting easy. And these tools are easily available and can be used by anyone who has a simple internet connection on his phone or computer. This all collaboration tools have multiple benefits for online education coaching’s:

  • As per convenience one can schedule the session in advance for students
  • One can easily share screen, file, and data without giving access to the person.
  • One can easily record the session and share it in the future whenever it’s needed.
  • During session teachers and students can interact through chatting also.

3. Online data storage

One can store, update, and share session’s data resources with students at any time, from anywhere with the help of free of cost available cloud storage resources such as Dropbox and google drive. This online data storage resources have multiple benefits for online education coaching’s

• Data is always safe and data backup is easily available for training resources.

• Real-time collaboration with all students is possible.

• One can share the same document with multiple students and simultaneously no.of people can work on it.

• Students can access the file from any device.

• Different data folders, images, and videos can be shared easily.

4. Coaching classes’ management software 

Running an online education coaching is not an easy task. It needs a proper and on time management. To manage this business one can use different Coaching classes’ management software and applications available in the market. These different Coaching classes’ management software have multiple benefits for online education coaching to improve its teaching experience.

• Coaching classes’ management application helps to manage monthly and yearly business finance report to analyze the growth of the business

• Coaching classes’ management application helps in automating billing and payment receipts

• Coaching classes’ management software helps in Automating session reminders

• It also helps in Management of session’s calendars.

• Coaching classes’ management software majorly helps in Advance scheduling of tutoring sessions.

There are again more different types of coaching classes’ management software available in the market. Choosing & using the right tool can offer a consistently high-quality experience for your students and it will make easy for all online education coaching’s in India to manage their business.

Get started with different online teaching platform

Online teaching platformare one of the best platforms to start your online education coaching effectively rather than traditional coaching.

There are two different online teaching platformavailable in the market:

• 1st where you teach the academic curriculum to school and college students.

• 2ND where you can showcase interactive online courses on academic, professional, management, and lifestyle topics.

Different online teaching platforms to help you get started with online tutoring.

1. Online assessment software by mStitute

The best online education platform for online teaching is Online Assessment Software by mStiitute. This is the online teaching app for all individual educators, coaching institutes and corporates.

1. Individual Educator can turn their passion and expertise into edupreneur by creating their courses and tests and by selling it.

2. Coaching institutes can create their question papers, test series courses, assessments in this software and can manage all in one place.

3. Corporates can handle the toughest recruitment challenge with comfort. With this software, they can hire the right candidates through powerful assessments with customized online tests.

Online Teaching Platforms is the all in one solution for your online + classroom learning & assessment needs.

2. WizIQ

This is another best online education platformfor online education coaching website for creating and hosting interactive online courses on the topics of technology, business, language, music, and lifestyle and wellness. While the website offers a free plan, if you are a training organization you may be better off choosing the pro plan too.

3. Udemy

This is another best online education platformfor teaching online courses. The website also offers a variety of tools for delivering content online. For instance, hold live online sessions through Udemy’s virtual classroom platform. You can create and promote your courses on the web site for free of charge.

How an Online Exam Software for Coaching Centers helps?

There are many different Online Exam Software for Coaching Centers available in the market. This different software provides everything you need to empower and grow your Online Education coaching.

• Question Bank

With different Online Exam Software for Coaching Centers One Create unique Mock Test and Online practice test or upload own questions with simple drag & drop process in different software.

• Test and assortment

With different Online Exam Software for Coaching Centers One can create a high-quality custom test for different exams in 5 minutes.

• Online courses

With differentOnline Exam Software for Coaching Centers, one can create your institute’s online test courses. And can also publish and schedule a live test.

• Reports & Analytics

With different Online Exam Software for Coaching Centers One can track students’ performance in real-time for different Mock Test and Online practice test. Identify their weakness and help them to improve.

Reach to your targeted audience

As it’s an online education business, you will already have a big competition with other online education coaching’s all over India. Apart from enrolling with online tutoring websites, you need to actively promote your services. Two different ways to start promoting online tutoring business with some easy ways to reach potential students on a limited budget is as follows:

• Traditional Marketing

The key to any successful online education coaching business is a marketing campaign and finding the right target audience, which in your case are parents and students. So practice following traditional methods of advertising your business.

a. Advertise through flyers or posters on the school, community centers, and public libraries notifications board.

b. Display / distribute your advertising material at the community halls, local coffee shops, or popular student areas like xerox shops, stationery shops, etc.

• Digital Marketing

When education is online so potential customers would be already searching online for tutoring help. So use some digital advertising methods one should practice for business is as follows.

i. Create your business websites

ii. Create and publish blogs

iii. Register with Online tutoring directories

iv. Create your business Google Places Profile

v. Create an email campaign

It may seem difficult to juggle so many business promotion techniques, teaching tools, and software all at once. Start with a few of these marketing techniques, tools, and software and gradually incorporate all.

Skills needed to achieve success in the online education coaching business.

1. Planning

Plan every aspect of your session. Provide clear guidelines, administrative support to students/ parents.

2. Use the latest technologies

Adapt and Use the necessary latest technology to make the learning process creative and interactive.

3. Be Responsive

Check & respond to emails and texts from students promptly daily in a professional, but in an easy to understand language. Organize your messages for easy reference.


There is undoubtedly more to learn in the online education coaches’ business. As you start your career as an online tutor, you are unlikely to have all the knowledge and skills necessary to act as a subject expert, coach, assessor, and a proficient user of online tools. We hope that this article has given you more than a few insights to get started, on what could be a very exciting and rewarding journey. Wishing you each a great success in your online tutoring business!

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