Top 5 Mistakes most Educators do while selecting ”Online Learning Management Software”

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Today with the unpredicted time, the value of online education is increasing day by day, where choosing the right coaching management software is one of the most crucial points for all educators to drive their online class properly. Sometimes, choosing the right ‘Learning Management Software’ for your coaching institution can be a tricky and confusing task. As of today, there is more than 300+ learning management software in the market promoting their product at the best level. Though it’s obvious to get confused while choosing the Best Online Teaching Platforms & Learning Management System and end up with the inappropriate choice which doesn’t suits the working culture of your institution.

In this article, we will light on 5 common mistakes most educators do while selecting ”Online Learning Management Software”

Mistake 1 :  Not doing proper analysis of requirement of features.

Most of the educators do not perform this exercise of analyzing their actual features requirement of Learning Management System before buying coaching management software. They usually go with the flow with a huge number of features provided but do not crosscheck the must-have features that will drive their purpose. This can lead to buying unnecessary features which increase the complexity, training time, and most important money. One can also end up paying extra for the useless features.

Mistake 2 :  Picking up an admin ERP solution over ‘Learning & Assessment’ solution

Online learning management platform means a software which will allow you to create best learning experience to your students with analytics on their learning patterns and progress. It should provide the tools or features to create most engaging content in different media formats like videos, live classes, tests, quizzes, PDFs, text or PPT lessons, etc. But what is more important is, does it provide you tools to create very targeted assessments for your students which provides accurate and personalized learning analysis of every student that how they are progressing in learning and where they are lagging. It should provide you the ability to provide personalized automated feedbacks to your students to guide them adaptively during their studies. It can not only increase the learning satisfaction among your students and their parent,  but it also helps to improve your results and it will help to reach more growth. Educators often only look for live classes, videos, attendance, and fees management features but we should also look for deep assessment features.

Mistake 3 : Believing in words, while ignoring live demo & trial period.

Do you settle for a car or chair without even trying it? Of course No! Then why to settle or buy Coaching Management Software without its live demo or trial period. Don’t just go on salesman buttery words about their Classroom Management Software or Institute Management Software, go straight, and ask them for live demo & trial of coaching management software. Don’t forget the first impression is the last impression. Users will spend time on your coaching management software only and only if they find something interesting and connecting with it. So, while buying any Learning Management System always focus on User interface and its engagement rate.

Mistake 4 : Overlooking scalability and future roadmap checkof the product.

Buying Coaching Management Software is one long time investment. The day you buy the software and the next day if you think to change, you can’t change it immediately. So be careful to keep your eyes & ears open. Be open to ask the vendor about coaching classes management software future updating and its plan. Educators often fall pray for cheap products. Remember in future your institution’s needs are going to increase, so while choosing the LMS you should always check for its scalability and future roadmap of the product you are purchasing.

Mistake 5 : Not ensuring on Support – Technical as well as Content.

Buying Coaching Management Software is just not a money investment. It needs your time to create engaging content and requires a dedicated support to make complete use of the features and best way to utilize the software. A nontechnical person needs technical support but even he/she might need support and guidance for the different ways and tricks to create engaging and beautiful learning content. So, while buying never forgot to ensure the kind of support vendor is going to provide you throughout the subscription period. Remember a dedicated and consistent support is most important thing to look for and it may even incur cost which can be justifiable in long run.


So,  now I hope you are clear on what not to do while buying Coaching Management Software. In the end, we all are human and we tend to do mistakes but I hope this article will be a great alarm while you think to buy or change your existing any Learning Management System.

We at mStitute promise to provide you a best coaching management system which will allow your businesses, individual educators and trainers to create engaging online content, manage online academy, deliver personalized learning assessments and sell your online courses without much effort.

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